• Ollie Horsfall

Youtube Recommendations

My memories of you

are scattered across my

YouTube recommendations

They split up my gaming

My naming and shaming

For Jeremy Kyle and the like.

I had an affair with my wife's brother

I've already had one DNA test, how about another

And my son stole £20 quid out my purse

Disperse and recant those endless

Maladies. That afflict people with

Backward societal woes

Cos my Youtube recommendations

Are filled with our memories

Scattered, I'm ill-at-ease

I saw, the other day,

Those videos we played

When we went to bed

Jimmy, Nina and sometimes WHAM!

We'd fall asleep in front of Whitney

And then you'd wake me up before you'd go-go.

I like to think you're watching them too

And maybe sometimes we'll see each other

In the many views they have accrued

The many times I decided to dislike

That video you loved of some

twat on a bike

Falling headfirst into a dyke

Only then to re-like

Out of guilt, and then spite.

My memories of you

Are littered in my

Youtube recommendations

My memories of you

Will disappear too

Once I change my password

To get rid of you.


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