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The Chosen One - We're all Heroes

If there's something I've always aspired to it's to be like my heroes in fiction. We have a fascination with the 'chosen one' and my favourite characters who embody strength and wisdom also tend to be at the centre of their own universe.

From Buffy to Spartacus (the Starz series) to Sidney Prescott to Harry Potter to the heroes of the marvel universe and Aang... I have always pushed a narrative in my head that I am destined for great thongs because these characters were all thrust unwittingly into situations outside of their control that would manifest destiny and therefore purpose in their lives even if they weren't seeking it.

I have always striven to know a purpose and have often considered it a great failure that I haven't yet really found success in the areas of my life where purpose has footing, but, if there's anything this quarantine situation has instilled on me, it's a new appreciation for patience. I'm not a 'chosen one' per se, but I can choose how I affect my own surroundings and the people within them. How much stock I place in various actions I take. Whether I choose to give someone my energy out of selflessness or because it's a fair trade.

This might seem like an odd tangent, but I used to hate bugs, spiders especially, and would be far more reactive upon feeling one on me in the past (killing it usually). The older I get the more respect for the lives of things smaller than me I have. This doesn't mean I've never killed a fly, but it does mean I try to save one where it's possible. Spiders still freak me out, but I also respect the fact that they have their own purpose too, so a fear born out of irrationality (that still exists a bit) has given way to a knowledge that they are important. If I can appreciate a spider for its importance, then I can accept there must be those in the world that appreciate me for mine.

Does my ability to accept the importance of creatures smaller than me give me perspective about creatures bigger than me? I don't know, maybe I'm deluded, but I don't see myself as under the boot of anyone, especially since I have the power to move out from under that boot. There's a level of self-doubt that gets instilled in us by others, particularly those who are threatened by strength. Many people fear being seen as stupid and so don't like it when someone else has answers that they don't.

It's important to be competitive, I also think it's important to compare ourselves to others, but only when those comparisons serve to highlight the positives on both sides. If you see a person managing to do something you haven't quite mastered yet, then we should look at what we can do to change and and affect positive changes in ourselves.

All of my favourite heroes are selfish, lead by emotions, powerful when centred and usually even more powerful when they lose control. They straddle the best qualities and the worst qualities, the happiness and the rage, and sometimes it leads to a victory and sometimes to tragedy. My heroes in fiction are most importantly human at their core. They are allowed to be jealous, they are allowed to be angry, they are allowed to be lead by their bestial instincts, because that's who we are. We are our own chosen ones, and sometimes we are chosen ones to other people too.

Whether you realise, remember or care, there are people in the world who look up to you. You are someone's hero, and you actually exist, so that is some pretty powerful motivation to just keep going.


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