• Ollie Horsfall

Look Up.

We're on our own Disenfranchised Misanthropic To the humanity it took Long ago to look up To those that lead us We bleed ourselves dry Consumed by the endless Mindless Kindless Drudgery that Reminds us to just keep on going...

  1. On whose behalf? The half of us that agree While the other half laugh with Smiles etched out of treasonous glee As long as they are right Who cares who they hurt? Rather than see What truths can be blustered From the hot air They've clustered like parasites Burning like mustard And still... and still We get up again After being knocked down and are told to 'look up'Look up to the villains, the Milieu of wacky-doodles Running our planet into The void that spans it The ground too good For the salt they are spilling Filling broken minds with Broken dreams and that small Pat on the back that Cracks the whip of some So called security Insecurity is looking up...We sleep for reprieve From the noise The noise that sounds like A car door scraping alongside Another And it's the sensation of hearing The parts of a whole Being broken apart Apart from the souls that We cling to as solace From the insurance We have to pay In order to fix it.The insurance of heart Of knives in backs and on plates Of a simple back and forth Between the loves and the hates The tears and the smiles The consistent and reckless abandon That comes from being disregarded And told to look up.To look up. So look up.Look up to the demons in their high-rise Buildings Look up to the demons and their pearly white Speeches. Take heart from the demons that make you feel weak Weak like a watered down whiskey That can never again be set Aflame Weak like the diluted blood Of the billions that came before them Look up to that low-hanging fruitless Bargain they offer Squashed and condensed into Nothingness by those we are Protecting, claiming to protect us.Power is power is power The powerless A mess to make order of To keep apart To wrest the hands that have Cradled and obeyed all Those secret orders Life without borders as Long as youLook up


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