• Ollie Horsfall

I'm a Snowflake

It’s been a while since I’ve been poetically inspired

Fired up enough to put words to a page

Digitally reflecting my unrelenting feelings

That sometimes come out in some messy collected


You see, I’m not a rapper and I’m not a poet,

I speak my words

As in the rhythm of language

There Is simply,

The corpse of thoughts I have dreamt up

to release

my inner beast.

I recently learned I’m a snowflake

I’m unique and delicate and easily offended

Crushed by a mass of people who forgot what

It is to be people. Blended with the fact that

What I consider human nature, is liberally spread

Upon a ground made of shit and bone-meal.

Fertilised by the waste of those that came before us.

Those that now deplore us as ridiculous

Always ambiguous in their need

To point out how pitiful we all are.

But I’m meticulous. I call them out.

I don’t shout, I simply explain that

The minority is them.

At least for now.

My ideas about what it is to love my fellow man

Might not be easy to recognise when our

Eyes are so set on them or us.

Them or us, it’s the crux, the reason we live

To fight each other.

So I’m a snowflake set aflame.

I don’t blame the generation before us.

Their mistakes are only based on the mistakes

Of those that came before them.

They ripple out across history

Forward and backwards, like the steps we

Take towards progress.

Or, rather, each other.

Is there progress in believing that

The easily offended youth of today

Have no right to feel like they’ve been betrayed

By the nightmare hordes of ignorant boobs

Wielding blades that would have them

Annihilate the very idea of condemning those

Who’ve chosen to hate, or to be late to

A party?

Democrat or GoP?

And then there’s my country:

Wallowing in self-pity,

Ashamed of the mistake half of them made

Not willing to admit that they fucked up

The Royal They, because they’re locked up

Released only when we need to remember

They exist for a boost to our global politic.

It’s just economic.

If they’d chosen to ‘remain’ perhaps

Things would not be this screwed again.

History repeats itself.

History always repeats itself.

Because they can’t help themselves.

They follow the lead of their parents

No mind of their own.

They won’t disown old fashioned values

They choose to amuse themselves

By pointing at false martyrs, who point fingers

At obvious villains.

See now I’m angry.

I’m a melting snowflake. Trying to refreeze.

Not crushed under foot,

Made firmer with my peaceful stand,

Connected to others like me,

And understanding those who aren’t.

Oppressed by a significant mass of trash

that bask in the schadenfreude

Of those annoyed by an increasing lack of depth

In the human character, who speak

Deplorable sounds disguised as words

That make sense, but it reality are simply inert

Only serving as weapons to hurt.

I don’t have a political agenda. I could give two shits

About a man stood in the white house who doesn’t belong there

Or a woman who holds his hand as if to say ‘Take me with you daddy’.

I could give two shits about Putin, who’s muting a generation

Because it’s easier to take over the rest of the world.

I could give two shits about those in power, who haven’t earned it.

Working too hard, playing guitars and snapping the strings

With pointless melodies, there to distract

From the Fact:

Poverty exists,

racial hate persists

Ignorance insists

People are starving

Gun laws are carving their

Way through the

American school system.

Money corrupted

Sense interrupted

Four years disrupted.

Youth losing faith.

People loving hate

Good coming too late.

I’m a snowflake, set ablaze

In the malaise of storm clouds

Surrounding the world

That has curled itself into a ball

Buried its head in the sand

Until the land around it

Crumbles back into the sea.

When snowflakes melt,

That sea will rise.

When that rain pours

Creating the thunderous applause

Of justice clapping its dirty paws

We’ll drown in ourselves

Unable to celebrate

The little good that still remains.

I’m a snowflake, set ablaze.


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