• Ollie Horsfall

I just don't know how...

How can I say sorry? It's not all that strange, to feel

like I feel like, I feel like

I have nothing of value left, only the fractured parts

of my sunshine heart and the fiercest

Curse that has mastered the presence

Of itself.

If I am sorry then, I'm no longer tired

But aching to be engrained in you

So that you can feel the pain I feel

Knowing that hurt and that hurt and that hurt

Stupid stupid stupid hurt

I found my mirror and I took in what I saw

Shame and happiness fluidly

exasperated and ecstatic

Current taking me away with itself

Current drowning me

As I look to the worlds ceiling as it. breaks

me down.

And yet.... I am sorry.

Sorry that I have no self-control

Even if I don't have my self to control

Sorry that I have no will

To reject the desires of some soft and precious

Gain that I hope will bring

The whole and the half as my bonus


I'll listen when I can, but my ears ache.

My neck is firm, and my heart is tense.

My soul is tired of doing it all right

So for once let me find my pitying self

My pitying self, for my self.

He's often quiet and misunderstood

But now he stands above it all.

He's sorry, so am I.


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