• Ollie Horsfall

I have a plan, you see?

photo by Daria Shmalts

I have a plan.

A mandate if you will.

That is to say, a date with a man can,

and is still, be the order of the day.

Needless to say, I've had enemies before

That I have hated, slated to myself and others

Hoping there would be something that smothers the

absolute fire of burning hatred in my heart.

That would have been a start.

Usually there would have been some fault

On my part

A mistake, or a break I'd make myself.

Something bad for my health.

But not this time...

When something's broken, I can't always fix it

When someone is devoid of a soul

Self respect or has a villainy that goes unchecked

It's not down to me to find a way through

The corruption stewing in their head.

When every vile thought they have

Or thought they grab, thought they'd steal,

thought they can't act on, or pay for

As if there's some strange grey area

Where they've made up in their mind

About how and when things should be put to bed.

I have a plan, you see?

Whether I have the means or not

doesn't mean a lot when there's a passion

that glows in my heart against the insult,

The absolute insult

And injustice that will fall apart

when under a microscope.

It's ok though, because I have a plan.

One where I won't sit idly by

While those that would do me harm

That would make excuses

State abuses

Lie and take my name

Stomp on it and curse it

Worsen it and stir it

Into a poorly tasting pot of


The need to be right

Outweighing the need to

be true.

Veracity is not the same as tenacity

But since I have both

A drying ability to cope,

A steady lettering penned

In ink.

Will remove the stink

Of a cursed spirit

and its imp.

The truth will out.

The reality of it all too

For I have a plan, you see

To do this right.

To fight righteously

And not to stop until

I receive what's owed to me.

My time. My energy.

My balance. My synergy.

My respect. My empathy.

I won't talk untruths behind your back

I won't use go betweens

And no-betweens

And low-betweens

I wil use what I have

The smarts

The arts

And, most importantly,

The law.


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