• Ollie Horsfall

How do I love you?

How do I love you?

If You won't let me count the ways

from root to tip and all the grains in between,

Then the number won't stay safely on

my lips.

If I let you place a hand on my hip

And another on my shoulder

And your grip should stay strong

Why is it then that you let my heart slip?

Is it so difficult to see what happiness you have

built a wall around? That what you want

And what you need, are, indeed,

mutually exclusive and not quite as elusive

as you would have yourself believe.

That your vibrancy is being sapped

by this trap you have put your foot in?

One of your own making, and most painful

in design. As if you punish yourself

In order to malign your self.

I wanted your pain to be my friend

I don't anymore. I did when I thought it was

A suit I should wear. Martyring myself

Whilst an iron maiden impales me

Slowly. Like some sanguinarian cherry.

I hope I tasted sweet,

I hope that taste dripped softly

from your tongue and delicately into your

stolen soul, the one you keep hidden

That I saw that one time

staring at me through

A crack in the wall.

Faith isn't enough. It's a broken

concept, like a fire with no fuel

But plenty of heat.

Hate me tomorrow, love me today

Then tolerate me yesterday

In your ambiguous memory.

Love me tomorrow, if not yesterday

It's only time, and it's nothing to me.


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