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#Happiness vs #Unhappiness

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

I've not been well the last few days. Just a cold, that's turned fluey. I don't feel good about mentioning it to people because they probably think I'm a big baby, but it got me thinking, why do I feel ashamed of announcing when I'm not doing so good? Social media, memes and a world full of social influencers constantly showing off are all valid reasons.

We are inundated with positive messages from people who are living their lives the way they want. At least their online persona is... That's great, I'm happy you can post an inspiring message letting everyone know that 'life is for adventure not for sitting still', or 'the only good cake is the cake you're eating'. These messages are usually accompanied by a picture of a sunset/sunrise or a sandy beach/beautiful vista. Cool. Great. Have you actually been? No? Okay so it's suppoed to be a #lifegoal?

Fine. More power to you. Let's be honest, life is pretty damn boring most of the time. We work hard for very little reward and when the rewards come we appreciate them, but they're gone, and we're just looking for our next fix. Putting #blessed on a picture of you on holiday, whilst cute and true, at least to those who can't afford a similar lifestyle, disregards that the blessing will pass and you'll be back to square-one once you get home.

If you want to inspire people, start with yourself. Think about the things you want and then follow through on making your way to them. A nice house, a partner, a never-ending party lifestyle are things you have to work for and a positive attitude is just a small step on the huge journey towards acheiving them. It's okay if your heart isn't always in it. It's okay if you give up on something half way through. An honest failure is better than a dishonest one.

What I find most inspiring is people going out and striving to do exactly what it is that makes them happy. People who are happy don't have to advertise it, they just are. People who are happy also don't feel the need to make those who aren't, happier too with #inspiring insta posts. Unhappiness is a byproduct of happiness, you can't experience one without the other and anything worth doing certainly didn't come without struggle.

Expect to struggle and then, once your goal is acheived, expect to feel fulfilled. It won't just happen because you 'say yes to everything, and no to nothing'. Attain the best for you. In my opinion accepting that you're allowed to be unhappy does you a lot more good than always striving to be happy.


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