• Ollie Horsfall

Got Doubt? Forget it!

Tomorrow you're going to wake up and you're going to spend the day thinking up ideas and forgetting them. You don't only forget your dreams while you're asleep, you're constantly forgetting things while you're awake too.

I have the worst short-term memory. I should carry I diary, I don't because I forget I have it and/or inevitably lose it after using it once. I'm bloody useless at keeping myself organised and I'll forget a plan to meet someone even if I make it only the day before, which can lead to akward rushes to places thereafter. Hey, I'm a creative, being a scatter brain is part of the package, however - and I still suprise myself with this - when it comes to remembering ideas and making them happen I'm pretty damn good.

So, you get up tomorrow and you think of an idea, now, here's the trick: decide on the first step you'll take to complete it. You have your goal (it's the idea) and your first struggle is going to be 'How do I get there?' the trouble is most people think too far ahead, it's not about the journey half way, it's about that first step. Want to start an event? Invite people (you can do the organising thing after). Want to write a poem? Write down the word or image that may have inspired you to begin with. Want to start a theatre company of your very own? Well, there are many first steps, and it's a big project, but you could decide on your mission statement as a start.

You can choose your own route on a journey. You're allowed to take the scenic route if it helps, but deciding on your first step and acheiving that will stick it in your brain and allow you to realise that you've moved closer to your end result.

Doubt is usually instilled in us by other people. Stop asking whether you should do something, just start doing it. Approval comes for every step you take towards the goal. Don't be afraid to take initiative on your own either, you might pick people up along the way, but don't do anything for the result of the approval of other people, just earn your own approval.

I've been saying to people I've worked with recently, 'don't impress me, just always be impressing yourself,' and the only way to do that is to aim high for yourself, not anyone else. You can't reach your goal if you don't start walking.

Just, don't run man, that's silly, you might trip and bang your knee.


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