• Ollie Horsfall

Finding Yourself does not exist.

There's something to the idea of finding yourself. I mean, there's something because really the notion isn't one of a physical nature. What it is, is a contradiction. People often travel to find themselves, or try something new to find themselves, but usually this is a way of running away from yourself to reinvent yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of being true to yourself isn't even really possible. We live moment to moment. Quite often I find myself changing my mind about a big idea I've had. Quite often I decide I won't follow through on something because it doesn't suit me. Now, who's to say I'm not being true to myself by saying 'no' to things.

Most people have common sense and most people will try to live by the credos 'Be good to yourself and to those around you' and isn't that enough? There is no true self, life throws curve balls at us all the time, we are constantly developing creatures and we shouldn't strive for perfection, we should simply strive to be good people.

How do we do this? Well we start by not lying to ourselves. The curse of a world where we are all connected is that we are comparing ourselves to others, and if you're trying to be like those people, to improve yourself to their standards, who are you really becoming? You certainly won't find yourself that way.

So follow a passion, make time for you and for others. Be kind and say no every so often. You're doing yourself a favour instead of doing a favour for someone else. That's how we cultivate a happy soul.

Self-care comes first, thereafter what you give to people is up to you. Your true self doesn't exist, being yourself is perfectly fine, just don't hold yourself to others standards.


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