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Eri's Dream/ Novel Extract

Photo: Astridle.

Blue, the air is blue…

I felt the same rush I had when I brought Zeek back. I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by the forest, daylight streaming through the canopy and dancing around with the shadows on the floor, they made shapes; shapes that were of people, the shadows seemed to be running from the light, the light twisting and contorting into monstrous silhouettes.

As you see it, it sees you…

The shadows clumped together suddenly turning into a mass on the floor, the light was being absorbed by it, all of the light spiralling to this one empty blackness and I even felt myself being drawn into it. The shadows were becoming more and more human by the second.

The yawning tree ignites…

The forest was set aflame, bright blue flame that dissolved anything it came into contact with and yet this humanoid thing seemed to grow ever more real. From the thick black globule of shadow sprang forth fair hair, the palest green eyes that exuded utter magnificence. The blackness continued to evolve and subtly turned to skin, pale pink skin with not a blemish to be seen.

“Hello, sweet.” His voice was soft but also deep and passionate, like it didn’t belong to his face.

The frantic thunder fights,

I felt myself staring, hypnotised, at him. This felt no longer like a dream and more like the simplest of realities. There was no colour but that of this man with the easiest of beauties, almost feminine if not for the voice. His hair seemed to fall on either side of his face. He wore a garment made of what seemed to be shadows but threads made of light seemed to run through it like the tails left by shooting stars, his hands were exposed, nails clean and cut and a ring with an Onyx stone surrounded by a pale white metal.

And the hungry Earth thirsts for more.

“We will meet soon, you and I,” the edges of his mouth hinting at a kind of smile I had never seen before. “And when we do, sweet, there will be music.” The air seemed to whirr around him, it was so vibrant that I felt it course through my body. Every fibre of my being felt as though millions of tiny tingles, each with their own tumultuous sensation was running through them. The man moved forward, taking me in his arms, pulling me close, engulfing me in the shadow of his robe and I felt so limp, so powerless, and I realised I didn’t like this feeling. I felt his arms enveloping me and I couldn’t fight him off. I felt my eyes open, I saw the back of Natalia’s head in the real world and I couldn’t move; I could barely breath, my legs, my arms, all felt dead and my eyes closed again and I was drowning in this seductive mans garments. I felt him holding me down and I couldn’t even scream, so I looked up and saw him, his smile now fully blossomed into such a distorted and malefic shape that I had to look away. My eyes opened again and I felt my body gasping for breath, but barely managing before an echo of his voice ran through my head once more.

“Soon sweet. Soon.”

It was still a few moments before the sensation of being crushed was lifted, and a few minutes before I could move any part of myself. I had to will myself not to fall back into the dream again, pushing my body to fully wake up. The sun was peaking through the trees and I could see the mud of the village turning from a dark black to a much lighter brown. I took a few deep breaths and I walked outside. Zeek and Arren had packed already so I walked over to the well, got myself a drink of water and sat down, breathing in the cool morning air. Arren must have heard me as Ice nudged her way out of his tent and he followed close behind, fully redressing once he had done so.