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Cause and Effect

When it comes to putting in place the goal posts, planning a path of least resistance to the end result, I've always been the guy to allow things to push me in a direction rather than pull me.

My efforts have usually been based off short bursts of initial proactive energy, leading to a successful result, meaning I have to follow through. My first play was actually born of a writing class at Uni, I wrote a 10 minutes script, I enjoyed the process. Before I finished a full length piece I applied to the International Youth Arts Festival based in my university town of Kingston. The play was extended to a 25 minute piece over the month or so before I recieved confirmation that I'd be taking part.

What followed came so naturally to me that I forgot it was even work. Seting up auditions, location scouting, putting together some initial designs for posters and marketing, casting and then firing up the cylinders on rehearsals. It was all so easy. I don't mean that it wasn't hard, I mean that I found my calling, the thing I love that put me into a sense of ease no matter how difficult it became. I had a calling.

Cause: whim. Effect: effort.

In trying too hard to get started I get lost in ideas. If I allow myself to let ideas control me, I find myself making them happen far more readily. Think about something too much and fear will litter your path with obstacles that might stop you before you start.

Hard work doesn't have to be hard, you just have to choose the path of least resistance. Let your heart decide and then let your brain do what comes naturally afterward.

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